My husband and I have lived here for 40 years.  I helped Incorporate our City 30 years ago; I've been your public servant here, and have walked through and know and understand each community and our culture.   

I am committed to the City and am not running for office for any personal gain, only to serve the citizens of this City, as I have been doing for many years. 

Proposition A, the Right to Vote Initiative is the most important initiative to give protection to our City and empower the citizens since our Incorporation in 1986.
I do not want to see it corrupted or undermined and lose the essence of why we all chose to live here.     
Let's keep the soul of Encinitas - it is a rare gift. 

Please vote for Sheila Cameron for Mayor


We have to decide what path we’ll follow in the coming years.

Ask yourself, “Why do I live in Encinitas?”

Is it because of our beach town spirit, our community character and the promise of a great quality of life? Or do we want ever-increasing traffic, more pollution and overwhelming growth that adds stress to our lives?

If you elect me as your mayor, my goal will be to preserve the soul of Encinitas, the unique character of our communities and the quality of daily life.

I’ll bring my experience, honesty, knowledge and wisdom to city government. I helped incorporate our communities as a city and remain an activist. I always represent the citizens’ well-being. Out-of-town developers who exploit our zoning and increase traffic and pollution will not come first. 

I have a positive public record of accomplishments as a former mayor and council member. I worked on many issues. For example: Leucadia Boulevard completion and beautification, Cottonwood Creek Park, the trails master plan, the clean water program, the first $1 million grant from the Department of the Interior for our recycled water program, the Encinitas Library.


Coast News Candidate Profile:

Sheila S. Cameron

  • Lived in Encinitas since 1974
  • Married to Don Cameron, a Senior Engineer at a San Diego company
  • We have a dog, Shyly aka "Happy"; a Cat, G.G., and my Classic Car
  • Don and I are both from big families - he is one of 11, I am from a family of 6!
  • We have lots and lots of nieces and nephews and large family gatherings
  • I graduated from UC Santa Barbara; Don graduated from UC San Diego
  • I grew up in Vermont and Don spent his childhood in Michigan 
  • We are happy to call Encinitas home









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