"Why I support Sheila Cameron for Mayor of Encinitas"

Sheila's commitment to the City of Encinitas, can be seen through the volume of her work on issues of public policy and community support, which has continued in the years after serving on the City Council.

Most Council members do token service before getting elected and then disappear after their terms are up. That's not Sheila Cameron.  She didn't run and isn't running for the office for personal gratification.

When Sheila is Mayor she will not focus on the superficial nuances of governing the City.  She will bring an orientation toward strong analysis and informed deliberations around public policy.  We've been promised that before and that's why I'm only supporting people who have actually demonstrated moral courage in the effort to bring good decision making to Encinitas City Hall.  I'm supporting Sheila Cameron for Mayor.

Kevin Cummins
Encinitas Project


Pam Slater-Price, former Supervisor, San Diego County
Jim Woods, Mayor of Oceanside
Esther Sanchez, Oceanside City Council
Art Madrid, Mayor of  La Mesa
Duncan McFetrich, SOFAR
Dennis Holz, Gail Hano, Lou Aspell former Encinitas Mayors

Jane Schmauss                                Fred Caldwell                   
Chris Ahrens                                   Ronette & Dana Pierce
Marie Dardarian                             Mary Fleener & Paul Terrio
Dr. Dietmar Rothe                          Dolores Welty
Judith and Carl Buman                   Sheila and Steve Locko
Elena Pitt                                        Frank Dennison
Gerald Sodomka                             Rich & Wendy Horowitz
Shari Barman                                  Doug Fiske
Jane Stratton                                   Robert & Nancy Anderson
Andrew Audet                                Annie Leaf
Dr. George Hahn                            Jeff Norman
Margie Lazor                                  Janet & Stan Neill
Juanita Lankow                              Joan & David Hirshkowitz
Peter Stern                                      Sam and Esther Flores
Bob and JoAnne Bonde                  Marty and Chriss Brumfeld
Dr. Jochen Spiess                           Dr. Yuriko Spiess
Karen & Jeff Young                       Dennis & Karen Kaden
Ian Thompson                                  Denise Martin                     
Laurie Michaels                               Olivier Canler                     
Harry Couglar                                  Jane & Murray Dunn          
Ed & Sheila Wagner                        Donna Westbrook
Jim & Linda Brown                         Denise Keough-Udrasolls
Mark Bramson                                 Dan & Judy Blanchard
Babs DeMasters                               JoAnn Hoffman
Susan & Dean Turney                      Hershell Price
Andy & Rhonda Graves                   Jenny Burns
Bill Butler                                         Lance Dickes
Robert Campbell                              George Lopez
John Carlson                                     Kathleen Lindemann
Stewart & Geneal Walton                 Mary & Richard Usher
Patty & Michael Cameron                Donna Dibenedetto                         
Bruce & Beth Ehlers                        Lynn & Cary Ridpath 
                                           (partial list)

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