by Sheila S. Cameron
Writer/former Mayor

Why did you choose to live in Encinitas?  Because of its small laid-back beach town spirit and community character and promise of the quality of life that we all want and love? 

If you elect me as your Mayor, my goal will be to preserve these qualities that are the soul of Encinitas. 

I will bring my experience, honesty, wisdom and knowledge to our City Government.  I helped Incorporate our Communities into a City and remain an activist working on many issues and campaigns.  I always represent citizens over outside developers exploiting our zoning and increasing traffic and pollution.

I have a public and positive record of accomplishments as former Mayor and Council Member working on many issues: Leucadia Blvd; Indian Head Canyon Open Space; Cottonwood Creek Park; Encinitas Library; Proposition A to give citizens the vote to change zoning and intensification of use.  

Issues of focus now:  State Density Bonus Law exploiting our City zoning; Widening of the I-5 Freeway; Roundabouts on 101; Pacific View development; Rossini Canyon preservation; increasing public safety; street and road repairs throughout the City. Click here to see the full list of issues confronting the Encinitas citizens and where Sheila stands on these issues.

I will protect your wallets and your rights through experience and leadership.

Please vote for Sheila Cameron for Mayor. 

See some of Sheila Cameron's accomplishments here.


"I am concerned about the upcoming density increase in the proposed housing plan and the ongoing drunken public safety and nuisance activities in old Encinitas.  Based on the current Council’s opposition to Prop A (requiring a public vote on density increases) I cannot assume any will go to the wall to prevent overbuilding and thus traffic gridlock in our City (this includes Krantz).

I support Sheila Cameron for Mayor and Julie Graboi for Councilperson.  I do so because they are the two who have clearly and publically stated their positions on the issues, and I know they will follow through."
Dennis Holz, Former Mayor of Encinitas   read Dennis' full article here.

"I have spent the last 33 years, virtually full time, fighting for citizen rights and against city folly and waste.  I know from experience that Sheila Cameron and Julie Graboi are committed to perpetuating this effort and have pledged to make the quality of your lives and public safety their highest priority."
Bob Bonde, the father of Encinitas  read Bob's full letter here

"She vocally supported Proposition A, the growth-control initiative that won voter approval last summer. Candidates Kristin Gaspar, the mayor, and Deputy Mayor Tony Kranz joined the rest of the council in opposing Prop. A."
Encinitas Advocate read the article here

"I firmly believe that Sheila Cameron has the most to offer our city.  With years of previous experience in the local government, she has a tremendous wealth of knowledge about the workings of effective government that the other candidates do not possess.  She has integrity that is not matched by any of her challengers.  She is principled and will stand up for her beliefs.  She has been a staunch supporter of proposition "A" and an equally vehement foe of density bonus."  
Bill Butler, Olivenhain       read Bill's article in the Coast News here.

"Sheila is by far the most experienced candidate, selflessly representing the interests of the residents.  She was instrumental i many civic projects and left her legacy in popular places like the Encinitas Library and Cottonwood Creek Park.

Encinitas needs experience, integrity, intelligence, sensitivity, and wise leadership \.  Sheila can provide these qualities better than any other candidate.  She is also a great environmentalist and is active in local and global issues.   Her goals are Keeping the Soul of Encinitas and upholding Proposition A. Besides being a strong and fair leader, she will bring to City Government:  A great business head; a caring heart; and Government Transparency."

Dietmar Rothe, Cardiff by- the- Sea

"Sheila Cameron's commitment to the City of Encinitas, can be seen through the volume of her work on issues of public policy and community support, which has continued the the years after serving on the City Council. 

When Sheila is Mayor, she will not focus on the superficial nuances of governing the City. She will bring an orientation toward strong analysis and informed deliberations around public policy.  We've been promised that before and that's why I'm only supporting people who have actually demonstrated moral courage in the effort to bring good decision making to Encinitas City Hal.  I'm supporting Sheila Cameron for Mayor."

Kevin Cummins
Encinitas Resident      

Dear Reader,

Encinitas stands at the apex of two centuries.  A view of our past, the foundation of historic events that brought us to this point, is contained within the covers of this book.  The path we choose to travel over the next 100 years will determine our future - how we meet our challenges, and fulfill our hopes in the years stretching ahead of us.

How we handle growth and transportation while preserving our "Community Character" and "Quality of Life" will determine the quality of the future for us and generations that will inherit this city.  The City of Encinitas is truly at a crossroads.  The decisions we make now are not those of a pioneer fighting the elements of nature for survival. Our challenge is to balance environmental preservation with our growing population's need for infrastructure and amenities.

Where does "Quality of Life" fit in here?  Is all of our green space and wildlife flora and fauna to be sacrificed?  Taking steps to guard against pollution of our creeks, ocean and lagoons is vital.  We hold the future in our hands.

Encinitas has many gifts that contribute to its thriving economy.  We enjoy a gracious climate that is found on only one quarter of one percent of the earth's surface.  We are an ecological niche between two Lagoons and the Pacific Ocean, enjoying some of the best surfing anywhere in the world.  Our flowers and floral industry are known worldwide.  We attract artists, musicians, and tourists. We are one of the most computer-literate cities in the country.  Our schools enjoy a reputation for excellence.  We have beauty, great restaurants, unique shops, a championship golf course, as well as active and open space parks.  Our cultural heritage from the Mexican Ranchos that later became our City influences us in many ways, even giving us our city's name "Encinitas" meaning - Little Live Oaks.

But what we hold most dear are the people who live here.  You are what gives a distinctive sense of well-being and heart to this City.  Make your contributions positive.  Nurture your families and enjoy your friends here, and join us in blossoming into the 21st century in this place we call home.

The vision for our city officials and residents alike is that in writing history daily, we are creating a future that enhances our well being, enabling future generations to thrive in a city that is the better for each of us having lived here.

If you pick up this book years from now, know that we thought about you and the need to be caretakers of this special city of Encinitas.  Know that we tried to balance ecology and economy and make mindful decisions and hold this City carefully for you to enjoy in your lifetime.

Sheila Santaw Cameron, Mayor of Encinitas, California, June 1999

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