Dear Editor:

This is Bob Bonde your neighbor, friend, father of Encinitas and president of the Encinitas Taxpayers Association asking you to join me in voting for Sheila Cameron for Mayor of Encinitas and Julie Graboi for City Council.

I have spent the last 33 years, virtually full time,fighting for citizen rights and against city folly and waste.  I know from experience that Sheila Cameron and Julie Graboi are committed to perpetuating this effort and have pledged to make the quality of your lives and public safety their highest priority.  Encinitas and its 5 communities needs their leadership and common sense,if logic and reason is to prevail.

Today, the city has debts and deferred maintenance needs that exceed 319 million dollars; rather than cutting obvious waste, there was recently talk around city hall of raising taxes.  Sheila and Julie, know what needs to be done to stop the bleeding and will fight for your rights and services while gettingthe city fiscal house in order, without raising taxes.

Sheila and Julie have been active for years in city politics, protecting our neighborhoods from overdevelopment and misuse of taxpayer’s money. Recently, both worked tirelessly to pass Prop A, the “Right to Vote” initiative that guarantees a public vote on up-zoning in density and height.

While others may talk a good story, Sheila Cameron and Julie Graboi have, over the years,proven that they can be counted upon toplace citizen needs first.

Please vote for Sheila Cameron for Mayor of Encinitas and Julie Graboi for Councilperson.

Thank you,

Bob Bonde

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